ROP needed as soon as possible

Until July 5, Polish legislation should include provisions related to mechanisms of extended producer responsibility. – Without this support, the recycling industry is unprofitable. Without the impact of COVID-19, that would also be the case, but the pandemic further hindered the industry, says Szymon Dziak-Czekan.

We encourage you to read :…/

A postulate to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland for the introduction of a plastic tax

The “Polish Recycling” Association issued a letter to the Prime Minister regarding the introduction of a tax on primary plastic products that do not contain at least 30% of recyclates.,Podatek-od-plastiku-w-Tarczy-antykryzysowej.html

Meeting of the Sector Competence Council of the Material Recovery Sector

On April 29, another meeting of the Sector Council took place, of which Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan is a member. The meeting was held by teleconference. During the meeting, among others, results of a pilot study of qualification and professional needs carried out in the waste management sector.


Postulates of the Association “Polish Recycling” addressed to the Minister of Development Ms Jadwiga Emilewicz.

Dear Sir or Madam,

we provide a letter sent to the Minister of Development Ms Jadwiga Emilewicz in relation to the draft act on the shielding package for entrepreneurs prepared in connection with the spread of the crown-virus.

Pismo MRozw. Koronawirus


Sectoral Council for the Material Recovery Sector Competence

On February 12, 2020, Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan received nomination from the Sector Council for Competence of the Material Recovery Sector

The Sector Competence Councils, which are created by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, are places of business cooperation, science and industry institutions. Employers are in the field of specialist knowledge for the education sector.

The Sector Council for Competence of Material Recovery Sector will include recommended solutions for necessary changes in the field of regulatory regulations in the field of education – thanks to them, which can be not only more uniform, but also can be more effective than before

The Council’s task will also initiate cooperation between enterprises from the waste management industry and educational institutions, Provide information to these institutions about the required competences of employees in the sector and develop recommendations in this respect. This will help educational institutions to better tailor offers (including training) to the needs and activities of employees in the waste management sector.

An important area is also propagated creation of an educational agreement that allows you access to internships and apprenticeships in enterprises for students and students educated for the waste management sector.

The solutions developed also help in the adaptation of the waste sector and education to the needs of application with the implementation of the Circular Economy.

A statement in the “Echoes of the Day” program

We invite you to watch the issue of the “Echo Dnia” program from January 2, 2020 on TVP3 Warsaw, where Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan together with Director Magda Gosk talked about increases in the price of municipal waste management.

Statement in the program “You can’t hide”

Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan spoke about the deposit system in Europe on TVP INFO.,odc-786?fbclid=IwAR01eXddqfeksko5h8j9JRwUYvdoAcddRBEiitWbKCwJ0zrdkSdJPJlRwS0

Performance in the Echo Dnia program

We invite you to watch the program “Echo Dnia” from November 13, 2019, where Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan talked with Danuta Holecka about selective waste collection.

Performance in the program “This is talked about”

We invite you to watch the material from the “Talking About It” program, where Szymon Dziak-Czekan and other guests of the program talked about selective waste collection.
The material starts from 24:06

Debate of ‘Rzeczpospolita’ November 6, 2019.

On November 6, 2019, Mr. Szymon Dziak – Czekan participated in the debate organized by Rzeczpospolita. The main topics of discussion were changes and the most beneficial solutions in the #GospodarkaOdpadami system. Deputy Minister Sławomir Mazurek was also a participant in the debate, who also encouraged waste segregation ♻️ and reminded about the ongoing educational campaign of the Ministry of the Environment # PiątkaZaSegregregation. It informs the public about e.g. segregation rules and subsequent waste recycling.

More about the campaign at

CONFERENCE October 1, 2019

On October 1, 2019, we organize the conference “Opportunities and threats to Polish recycli


ng – a time of radical changes” in which the Minister of the Environment, Mr. Henryk Kowalczyk, confirmed!
During which the Director of the Department of Waste Management at the Ministry of the Environment, Magda Gosk will present the assumptions of the proposal for a new ROP model. The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Mr. Adam Struzik.

The conference will be held at the Novotel Airport Hotel, ul. 1st of August 1 in Warsaw.
The cost of participation in the event is 650 PLN net, the number of places is limited.
To register, please send the participant’s name and company details with tax identification number to

Pre-consultation meeting at the Ministry of the Environment

On September 2, a pre-consultation meeting was held on the introduction of the new Extended Producer Responsibility model. Among the over 70 participants of this meeting were representatives of all interested groups: introductors, recovery organizations, the social side, representatives of local governments and recyclers. We particularly enjoy the high activity of the Association Members, for which we would like to thank you!

Media statements of the Polish Recycling Association

We invite you to read the report by Mr. Mariusz Szczygieł “My boxes will land in the ocean or reincarnate as pots? Szczygieł is trying to get out of the plastic circle of shame “with an expert statement of Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan:” My boxes will land in the ocean or reincarnate as pots? Szczygieł tries to get out of the plastic circle of shame ”

and to listen to the program from the Four Polish Radio: Will the deposit for packaging solve the problem of recycling?

Debate of the municipal website

In the debate on the management of plastic waste, the position of the Association was represented by President Szymon Dziak-Czekan. Thanks to the opportunity to debate with Minister Mazurek, we hope to include our demands in the work of the Ministry of the Environment.

We encourage you to watch the summary of the debate (statement by Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan from 4:30)

Plastpol Fair 2019

As every year, we were present at the PLASTPOL plastics and rubber processors fair, which took place on 28-30.05 in Kielce.
We would like to thank AKPOL, which has provided us with its position.
We also thank all the people we had the pleasure to meet for their time.

PZPTS conference

A conference was held at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Warsaw on May 14, the theme of which was the discussion of value chain participants on the need and ways to adapt to new challenges related to the idea of ​​the circular economy and the role of plastics in it.

Manufacturers and processors of plastics, commercial networks and producers of packaged products have been invited to participate in the conference.

Mr. Szymon Dziak- Czekan was a moderator of the discussion panel “Recycling of plastics in the light of new legal regulations in Poland and the EU”, which was attended by the Director of the Waste Management Department at the Ministry of the Environment – Ms. Magda Gosk.

link to Mr. Szymon’s statement after the conference (from 8:07)

Meeting at the Ministry of Finance

After many meetings related to the promotion of the report “Management of municipal packaging waste in a closed cycle. System review and proposal of a new solution ”5 April 2019 a meeting was held at the Ministry of Finance with the Head of the Department of Environmental Economics, the Department of Economic Policy Support, Mr. Jarosław Jasnowski. The main problems affecting the recycling and waste management industry were presented, and officials were familiar with the complexity of these problems and the new model proposed by the association.

Conference “Selective collection, segregation and recycling of waste”

On April 5-7, a conference on Selective Waste Collection, Segregation and Recycling was held in Poznań. The aim of the conference was to familiarize participants with the changes in waste management regulations. Examples of European countries are shown in the context of new EU regulations for GOZ and collected experience of practitioners from introducing Circular Economy in Europe and in Poland. In addition, the event discussed the threats and challenges that stand in the way of implementing a system for collecting and processing bio-waste.

Senate Environment Commission 14.03. 2019

On March 14, a meeting of the Senate Environment Commission was held with the participation of the Minister of the Environment, Henryk Kowalczyk, regarding the functioning of the municipal waste management system. Amendment to the act on maintaining cleanliness and order in the commune, a by-product and discussing waste management as an important pillar of the circular economy along with the transposition of the waste package. The ministry presented a presentation showing the most important directions of changes in the waste management system. Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan presented the Minister with the greatest problems of recyclers. Minister Kowalczyk expressed his support for our demands and assured of the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility by 2020


On February 28, 2019, the SOSEXPO 2019 Forum was held. This year’s edition of the panelists included Sławomir Mazurek from the World Championships, Andrzej Grzyb – MEP, Dariusz Piontkowski – chairman of the parliamentary Subcommittee on Waste Management Monitoring, Andrzej Maciejewski – chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Territorial Self-Government and Regional Policy, Barbara Baka from the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Marshal of Mazovia Adam Struzik and Chief Inspector of Protection Paweł Ciećko’s environment. The theme of the event focused on the problems that plague the waste management industry and the challenges posed by the European Union. Support mechanisms for WM were also discussed, and one of the panels concerned energy recovery from waste. Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan also presented his presentation, who in the panel on new technologies in WM raised the topic of losses resulting from the wrong system and the lack of Extended Manufacturer’s Responsibility. Among the guests were also representatives of recyclers, among others Mr. Sławomir Pacek, Grzegorz Sobański, Stanisław Radzki, Edyta Kwapich as well as Magdalena Hoppe and Monika Łukaszewicz.

Meeting at the Ministry of the Environment

On February 7 a meeting was held at the Ministry of the Environment with the Director of the Department of Waste Management Magda Gosk and her deputy Bogusława Brzdąkiewicz. Association representatives again discussed the proposed waste management model. We have been assured that work is underway at the World Championships to introduce Extended Producer Responsibility by 2020.

Meeting of the Parlamentary Local Government and Regional Policy Committee

On January 30, 2019, a meeting of the Parlamentary Committee of Local Government and Regional Policy was held, during which representatives of local governments provided information on municipal waste management in local government units, its current status and necessary changes. All current representatives unanimously argued for the need to create a market for secondary raw materials, create a system of incentives for recycling and the need to introduce real Extended Producer Responsibility. As a representative of the Ministry of the Environment, Magda Gosk assured that the dialogue with participants of the waste industry regarding changes in the waste act and the act on maintaining order in municipalities is ongoing.

Meeting in National Fund for Environmental Protection

On January 10 a meeting took place with the Deputy President of the NFOŚiGW Management Board and the Director of the Department of Land Protection of the National Fund for Environmental Protection Mr. Jarosław Roliński. The meeting was also aimed at presenting a new waste management system, which we worked out together with PwC. One of the key issues was the creation of the Central Packaging Fund in the NFEPWM structures. Our system met with the approval of the director and establishing cooperation between our units regarding instruments supporting the recycling industry by the Environmental Protection Fund. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the NFEP & WM offer and send comments to the secretariat regarding possible changes in existing instruments or proposals for new instruments, which, according to you, would have a positive impact on the development of the industry in Poland.


Meeting at the Marshal Office

January 7, 2019 there was a meeting with the Director of the Department of Waste Management, Emissions and Integrated Permits of the Marshal\’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Mr Marcin Podgórski and Director Urszula Pawlak.
Representatives of the Association presented their proposal for a new system and presented the biggest problems affecting the industry, especially in the context of the amendment to the Waste Act.
Representatives of the Marshal\’s Office agreed with us that the important issue would be securing claims that can be difficult to be obtained as a bank guarantee, which is why the idea of creating an auxiliary instrument by the Mazowieckie Guarantee Fund appeared. Once the solution is ready, the Association will work to make similar Instruments appear in other voivodships.


General Meeting of the Members of the “Polish Recycling”

November 22, 2018 in Bydgoszcz, the General Meeting of the Members of the “Polish Recycling” Association was held. The meeting was organized at the headquarters of GM Color, which presented participants their laboratory and products they have in their offer. During the meeting, the current activities of the Association were discussed, including the organization of a nationwide industry conference and the creation of a report together with the consulting company PwC “Management of municipal packaging waste in a closed circuit, System overview and proposal for a new solution”.


Interview in Radio “Czwórka”

We invite you to the broadcast of the program with the speech of Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan in Radio Czwórka. The talk concerned the EC decision to ban the production of disposable plastic and to popularize reusable bottles in New York.
We invite you from 10:40 minutes.,Pierwsze-slysze-25-pazdziernika-godz-0707


Conference “Polish Recycling” Association

On October 10, the “Waste management – time for radical change” conference was organized by the “Polish Recycling” Association. 200 participants took part in the event.

The Association “Polish Recycling” and experts from PwC prepared a proposal for a new municipal waste management system, which was presented for the first time during the conference. It assumes the establishment of the Packaging Fund. Manufacturers introducing packaging to the market would pay for it. The purpose of the fund\\\’s existence is to finance the new packaging waste management system.


The amendment to the Act on Waste and Environmental Inspection

On July 20, the Government accepted amendments of the Senate contained in the resolutions of 13 July on the Act amending the act on waste and some other acts and on the act amending the act on the Inspection of Environmental Protection and certain other acts. Now, the draft of two acts, urgently, were handed over to the president for signature, which has 7 days for it.

Representatives of the Association actively participated in all meetings of both Sejm and Senate committees dealing with acts, where they consistently presented their amendments.

Detailed information about the amendments are in the tab for Members in Polish.


V Baltic Ecological Forum

On 20-22 June was held V Baltic Environmental Forum. The theme of this year\’s edition was Innovative Europe towards the circular economy. During the gala ceremony, Green Certificates and awards for industry leaders were presented. The Baltic Ecological Forum is an international event with speakers from over 10 countries. Speakers included representatives of the Ministry of Transport, Construction, Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Szczecin. Speakers included also Szymon Dziak-Czekan, who spoke about the future of recycling not only in Poland.



General Meeting of Members:

June 14 in Katowice was held a Board Meeting and the General Meeting of Members.
General Meetings organized in different regions is already becoming a tradition, and after Pienkow, Szczecinek came the southern regions. To Katowice we invited recyclers, who are not yet affiliated to our Association to briefly introduce them to our business and encourage them to join “Polish Recycling”.
After the official meetings and the informal meeting there was the possibility to watch the opening match of the Football World Cup in a friendly atmosphere.
The next General Meeting is planned for November 23 in Bydgoszcz thanks to the hospitality of GM Color!


Expert opinion on TVN 24

In the TVN24 program, Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan presented an expert opinion on, among others, waste fires on illegal landfills. We invite you to watch material about recycling in Sweden available:,33,m/polska-i-swiat-panstwo-w-ktorym-prawie-nie-ma-wysypisk,842869.html


World Environment Day 2018

On 5 June, on World Environment Day 2018, an expert discussion took place at the Ministry of the Environment on the links between economic development and environmental challenges organized by the UNEP / GRID-Warsaw Center. In the conversation about the impact of plastic pollution on business and the environment, participated, among others Director of the United Nations Environment Program for Europe, Dr. Jan Dusik. The subject of environmental pollution with plastic waste has become the object of media interest around the world in recent months.


1st Local Government Waste Management Forum

On June 4-5, 2018, the 1st Local Government Waste Management Forum was held in Gdansk, where the main effects were the implementation of the nationwide waste segregation system, preparation of local governments in practice, entrusting services to its own entities, and the challenge of achieving 50% recovery. The possibilities and barriers for communes in implementing the idea of “circular economy” was also discussed.
Forum assumes the beginning of a series of annual meetings.
Mr Szymon Dziak-Czekan ran the panel “Recycler\’s perspective – Is the 50% recovery rate possible in municipalities to be achieved in such a short time?”


Association\’s position on waste fires

The Association “Polish Recycling” is closely watching recent reports on waste fires exploding in many places in Poland. We point out, however, that these events occur not only in landfills, but also in collection points, sorting plants or RIPOK\’s. They are burning, among others mixed waste, hard to recycle plastics, tires, waste prepared for cement works as an alternative fuel.
Thus, the cause of fires can not be unambiguously determined without an individual approach to each event. For the recycling industry, this is always a waste of secondary raw materials, regardless of whether they are compressed waste prepared for sale or high-calorie storage materials. Fires in landfills are a huge problem for both citizents and waste treatment plants, finance the recovery sector and have a negative impact on the local environment. We hope that the development of the recycling industry will be a response to the growing threats posed by the waste management associated with growing consumption.


We invite you to visit us at the PLASTPOL fair

We are in hall D, courtesy of Mr. Jerzy Kamiński from Repro Plast.


IV European Congress of Local Governments in Krakow

April 27 during the 4th European Congress of Local Governments in Krakow was held a debate, prepared by the “Rzeczpospolita” “Energy independence of Poland through responsible and effective waste management”. Among the panelists was Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan and Deputy Minister of the Environment Sławomir Mazurek.
During the debate, it was considered whether waste management would allow Poland\’s energy independence, how to reduce energy consumption with the correct use of waste – not only through energy recovery, but also by creating a market for secondary raw materials. The debate also revolved around the role of local governments in the entire waste management system, also in the thermal treatment of waste.


International Conference on Mechanical and biological waste treatment

April 24 in Liberec has started 11th International Conference on Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment. Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan was invited there to give a lecture about the chance for the Polish economy related to the blockade of the Chinese market. The theme of the conference was the location of the MBP installation in the context of the circular economy. They were also discussed about their transformation into the so-called recycling centers and on the management of bio-waste or quality and requirements for secondary raw materials.
In the picture, Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan with Georg Kremlis, head of the Department of the European Commission\’s Directorate-General for the Environment

Konferencja MBP 2018 Liberec


Workshops of the “Polish Recycling” Association and PwC for the report and the new waste management model

On 5 and 19 April in Warsaw took place the workshops of the “Polish Recycling” Association and PwC for the report and the new waste management model
During the meeting, reference was made to the comments provided after the first workshop and many optimal solutions were proposed.
The PwC representative also presented many interesting solutions that have been applied in other countries that have a real impact on the quality of collected household waste, or encourage producers to use recyclable materials.
Work on the report and the model are still ongoing.


Trade Fair of Environmental Protection and Waste Management EkoTech in Kielce

28.02 – 01.03 Kielce Trade Fair of Environmental Protection and Waste Management EkoTech took place in Kielce. Great emphasis was placed on the exhibition of equipment and machines for waste collection, waste reduction and segregation, as well as the cleanliness of public space.

Amongst the stands were litter bins, machines for cleaning them and quick emptying, street cleaning cars or biodegradable waste bags.

During the fair there were many accompanying events. On February 28, at the waste management forum, the leitmotif was bio-waste and ways of dealing with them through RIPOK.
On March 1, the conference “Challenges for local governments – recycling and financing of the waste management system” was held. “The issues of economic efficiency of waste management systems and building an effective waste management system were discussed.

An important accompanying event was a trip to the Waste Treatment Plant in Promnik. Its aim was to exchange experiences and discuss the solutions applied in the company


Meeting with Industry 2018

On March 8, 2018, the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology organized the “Meeting with Industry 2018” under the honorary patronage of the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Dr. Jaroslaw Gowin and the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology. dr hab. Eng. Jan Szmidt. The Polish Recycling Association was represented by Mr. Sławomir Pacek and Robert Kucicki.

This event was a good opportunity to give the gathered guests their particular achievements, asking for financial help and support from participating companies. An important dialogue was established because the “other side” – the industry also in its speeches provided information about its production profiles and pointed out where they can be helpful. There was also time to present didactic cooperation with the industry. There were discussed internships, apprenticeships and post-graduate studies educating people with a typical work profile adapted to the industry.


7th International Waste Management Forum SOS EXPO

On 1 February in Warsaw at the Nowotel hotel was held the 7th International Waste Management Forum SOS EXPO.

The forum was divided into thematic blocks such as innovation and financing in EU projects, implementation of new rules in separate waste collection and requirements of recyclers of various packaging.

In the case of innovative projects, great attention has been paid to local development plans as stimulation of GOZ, eg creation of renewable energy sources.

Much space was devoted to municipalities, whose representatives talked about good practices of implementing innovations in their areas.

The last thematic block was to draw the attention of the gathered, how important it is to maintain standards of secondary raw materials for the quality of the recycling process. Three representatives representing three types of recyclable materials (paper, glass and plastics) presented their segments taking into account and emphasis on occurring pollution, difficulties, but also high standards of supply of processed raw material.


9th International Conference Selective collection, segregation and recycling of waste

January 24, 2018 In Łódź, a conference organized by the Abrys publishing house “Selective collection, segregation and recycling of waste” took place. The main issues of the event were the determination of what awaits us in the coming years in the waste management, are we in constant legal changes and are we able to meet the EU obligations?
During the conference also topics related to the circular economy were discussed, what are visions of development in Poland and in Europe.
The three-day conference ended with a study trip to Ruszczyn in the Kamieńsk commune (Łódzkie Voivodeship), where the installation of mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste along with the alternative fuel production line (RDF) is located.


Recycling Today

Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan\’s statement was published in the largest industry magazine Recycling Today.
The entire text is available to read in the link:


“Circular economy in practice” at the Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Warsaw and the Institute of Innovative Economy invited Assosiation to an expert meeting titled “Circular economy in practice”.
This expert meeting was take place at the Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw on Friday
the 24th of November on the occasion of the visit of a Dutch delegation of experts from different backgrounds, all working in the field of circular economy.

The Aim of workshop was to exchange ideas and experiences in specific fields of how circular economy can be implemented in practice and to strengthen the Polish – Dutch cooperation in this field. A particular focus was placed on how partnerships, for instance between organisations from the public and private sectors can contribute to this aim and how such partnerships could be started in Poland.
Examples to be used are the Dutch ‘green deal’ approach and circular procurement in the Netherlands.


Conference of the RECONOMY coalition

On November 23, the conference “Circular Economy – business and consumer on the path of change” was held in Warsaw. The conference presents international experiences in this area and discusses possibilities of implementing similar activities in Poland. The special guest of the event was Peter Lacy – Managing Director of Growth, Strategy and Sustainability at Accenture. The conference also featured closed-circuit business models, as well as a discussion on sustainable consumption and consumer awareness.

The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Embassy of the Netherlands, the Ministry of Development and the President of the Republic of Poland. Warsaw.


Meeting at the National Chamber of Commerce

On November 14, the meeting “The future of extended producer responsibility in Poland” was held in the Polish Chamber of Commerce – a debate of the main stakeholders of the system of recovery and recycling of packaging regarding the necessary changes in the system.
The meeting was an expert nature with the participation of the main stakeholders of the collection system, sorting and preparation for recycling / recovery of packaging waste, including representatives of territorial self-governments, entities dealing in waste collection and sorting, recycling / recovery installations, introductory entrepreneurs and selected recovery organizations.



November 08, 2017 International ECO-CITY INNOVATIVE conference: healthy environment, healthy people!
Participants discussed the impact of climate change and environmental pollution on human health. They also exchanged experiences on different strategies for engaging residents in adjusting to change. As noted, the creation of opportunities for citizens such as open data, smart applications and devices, as well as favorable laws and administrative support, only leads to changes when people are involved in their implementation.

Photo source:

Paper & Plastic Recycling Conference

On 8-9 November, a conference “Paper & Plastic Recycling conference Europe” took place in Warsaw. This is the event that brings together the largest number of participants, particularly with paper recycling. Mr. Szymon Dziak led the panel on changes in packaging regulations under European Union law.


First meeting of the PET industry with the “Polish Recycling” Association

On November 6, 2017 in Warsaw took place the first meeting of PET industry recyclers with representatives of the “Polish Recycling” Association took place. During this event, were present the most important representatives of this industry including IMP Polowat, PRT Radomsko, Elcen, Pol-Servis, Ergis and Eurokey Polska.
During the meeting were discussed the issues of the Polish waste management system – a common position was developed to introduce a deposit system for PET bottles, which is being talked about more and more frequently.
The meeting was conducted in a nice atmosphere and it turned out to be a great success. It has resulted in setting paths for joint activities aimed at improving the situation of the entire plastics recycling industry.


Workshops from the cap system for packaging

On 23rd of October, 2017 a workshop entitled “SWOT Analysis of the Implementation of the Deposit System for Packaging in Poland” organized by Deloitte Advisory Sp. with o.o.

Deloitte Advisory Sp. with o.o. on behalf of the General Directorate for Environmental Protection, works on the public procurement “Preparation of a study on the possibility of introducing a packing system for packaging in Poland”.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, GDOS and industry associations.

The meeting was attended by a representative of the “Polish Recycling” Association, whose agenda for the general meeting was 15.11.2017. includes the development of a recycling industry position on the introduction of the depository system in Poland.



On October 16, President of the Management Board Szymon Dziak-Czekan was a guest of the program #RZECZoBIZNESIE.
All material available at:


Debate of Rzeczpospolita: Circular Economy

On October 12 there was a debate “Rzeczpospolita”: Circulal Economy moderated by Michał Niewiadomski. This was the first debate of “Rzeczpospolita”, during which experts talked about “circular economy”.
The discussion was about questions: What should be done to make our economy start moving towards a closed loop? What are the challenges for Poland, in terms of administration, business and society? The role of experts appeared: Łukasz Sosnowski from the Ministry of Development, Agata Staniewska from CEC Government Relations, Przemysław Hopfer from KGHM Metraco, Irena Pichola from Delloite, Agnieszka Sznyk from the Institute of Innovative Economy and Szymon Dziak-Czekan from the Polish Recykling Association.

Debate to play at the following address:


Industry meeting “The importance of extended producer responsibility for the development of recycling in Poland”

On September 29, 2017 at the headquarters of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management held a business meeting about the importance of extended responsibility of the producer for the development of recycling in Poland, in which participated as a representative of the Association Mr. Szymon Dziak-Czekan. The moderator of the meeting was Ms. Katarzyna Blachowicz from the quarterly Recykling.


Conference Recycling. Packaging. Innovations.

September 26, 2017

After the great success of the conference “Opportunities and Threats to Polish Recycling”, the Association in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology organized another event: “Recycling. Packaging. Innovations.” Link do artykułu


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