The “Polish Recycling” association would like to inform you that our organization provides two types of membership. To achieve its statutory objectives, the Association “Polish Recycling” brings together primarily companies involved in recycling in Poland. These companies have the status of “Supporting Member”. According to the Polish law, in particular the Act of 7 April 1989 on the Law of associations (Journal of Laws 1989 No. 20, item 104), such members do not formally have the right to vote. Therefore, any company joining the association can designate two representatives who are natural persons, who will become “Ordinary Members” with the right to vote.

Membership in the “Polish Recycling” association:

For membership in the association, it is necessary to read and accept the association’s statute and submit a membership declaration. Once the application is approved by the Board of the Association, the new member is obligated to comply with the statute, active operations, and to pay the membership fee. More information can be obtained by contacting the association directly:

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Polish Recycling

Polish Recycling association promotes recycling of waste in Poland and supports the development of the domestic recycling industry. The Association brings together companies dealing in waste recycling, representing the industry's interest in state bodies, Polish and foreign institutions and organizations.


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