The “Polish Recycling” association

was established in September 2015. It brings together companies involved in recycling waste and responds to the need to create a representation of this sector in public life. The main objective of the association is to constitute a reliable and responsible voice for the recycling industry by representing the common concerns and interests of the industry before government agencies, institutions, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, the association believes that it is crucial to promote recycling as the most favourable process for the environment in terms of processing waste and ensuring sustainable production.

Only joint action across the industry can effectively represent its interests and reach solutions, such as legislative and administrative measures, that would allow entrepreneurs to conduct business in an optimal manner, while fully respecting the environmental requirements. Moreover, developing and presenting the positions throughout the industry and representing interests of all companies can only be possible with participation of both large and small companies.

The statutory goals of the “Polish Recycling” association are:

  1. Representing the common interests of the industry through interaction with different types of institutions, central and local government agencies, as well as business entities in Poland and the European Union.
  2. Carrying measures for the development and promotion of recycling, and environmental protection.
  3. Active participation in the consultations of new legislation throughout the legislative process concerning recycling and environmental protection.
  4. Promoting recycling and environmental protection through the promotion of cooperation between academia and industry. Advisory and support for persons and entities related to this industry.
  5. Public education in the broad sense of waste management, including recycling and environmental protection.
  6. Supporting other activities in the area of ??waste treatment and environmental protection.

The association has a Legislative Commission, in which all members can work out common positions in the legal and technical fields.

Polish Recycling

Polish Recycling association promotes recycling of waste in Poland and supports the development of the domestic recycling industry. The Association brings together companies dealing in waste recycling, representing the industry's interest in state bodies, Polish and foreign institutions and organizations.


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